Day I – 1500 km North

Day I – 28th of June 2017 – 1500 km north This is an article from “Finland 2017” – journey, which inspired us to buy Bus Lapidus. The first day of our journey wasn’t supposed to be very exciting – first, flight from Gdansk to Turku, then 8-hour ride on a bus to Iisalmi. After breakfast we headed to the airport. We went on foot to the train station and discovered how heavy our backpacks were. […]

What is World Wife Carrying Championship?

What is World Wife Carrying Championship held each year in Sonkajarvi, Finland? At 1st it’s a running competition. Competitors are running in pairs – man is carrying his wife, girlfriend or some other woman he might not even know. Race track is exactly 253,5 meters long and there are 3 obstacles on it. In our opinion the most difficult is the first one – you need to cross a swimming pool – 10 meters long […]

The Beginning – Preparations

This is an article from “Finland 2017” – journey, which inspired us to buy Bus Lapidus.  It was in March, Dominika was sitting on some boring lecture and found an interesting video of a weird competition. Men were running on a racetrack with obstacles and – what’s most important – each one of them was carrying a woman on his back. Although that race was in US, we quickly found out, that competition is also held […]

Bus Lapidus project – it’s time to start!

7 months of preparations. That’s exactly how long it took us to launch our travel website. Finally – today is the day! We are happy to present you our new project – Bus Lapidus! Tomorrow we will start a coverage from our hitchhiking trip to Finland, which inspired us to buy VW T3. You will find out how it happend, that we took part in the World Wife Carrying Championship. We will also let you […]