Day I – 1500 km North

Day I – 28th of June 2017 – 1500 km north

This is an article from “Finland 2017” – journey, which inspired us to buy Bus Lapidus.

The first day of our journey wasn’t supposed to be very exciting – first, flight from Gdansk to Turku, then 8-hour ride on a bus to Iisalmi. After breakfast we headed to the airport. We went on foot to the train station and discovered how heavy our backpacks were. It took us 20 minutes, but it felt like forever!

At the airport we learned, that Max’s backpack weighed 18 kg. It’s not like we could take anything out – we badly needed (or we strongly believed that we did) everything that was inside.We checked in and went towards our gate. The plane was delayed, but it didn’t really matter to us – we had a lot of time.

In 70 minutes our plane flew 600 km from Gdansk to Turku through The Baltic Sea. The airport in Turku is located 8 km from the city centre and we still had plenty of time, so we decided to go on foot again. We tried to lighten our backpacks by eating sandwiches that we prepared earlier – hoping it would be easier to carry them in our bellies.

At 4 p.m. our bus took us from the centre of Turku. For 8 hours and 40 min we had to endure not the most comfortable seats in OnniBus – which is basically like cheap airlines, but on the road.

We liked the journey and it passed quickly – it was good to be again in that country and be able to just blisfully watch clouds float on the blue sky. No idea why, but clouds in Finland are truly extraordinary.

40 min after midnight we arrived to Iisalmi. It was bright as a day, because on this latitude in June there is a (almost) polar day. But it was colder than during the day and the humidity in the air intensified the feeling of cold.

It took us couple of minutes to reach the park, we found earlier on Google View Street. It looked different than we expected – the houses were much closer – but we were tired and cold, so we put up a tent and quickly went to sleep. We knew, that the real adventure is will begin the next day!

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