Day VII – Mosquitos, mosquitos, mosquitos

Day VII – 4th July 2017 – Mosquitos, mosquitos, mosquitos

This is an article from “Finland 2017” – journey, which inspired us to buy Bus Lapidus.

We woke up to a beautiful sun. When we ate our oatmeal, we packed our things and headed to the trail – we had 22 km to the next hut. Despite the soreness we were going quite quick – at least at the beginning.

The terrain was changing – first it was forest, then mountains, gravel, wetlands, where we walked on wooden planks and even dunes. We ate lunch near a stream. The trail turned into a jungle, there were moments when it rained and we met reindeers couple of times. Our trail was overlapped with a different, shorter trail for a while and we weren’t alone anymore. Right there we crossed a hanging bridge for the first time.

Everything was just perfect until we’ve reached 15th km. Because our trail run very close to a river now, it was difficult to walk – we were about 1,5 metres from the river and couldn’t move away because of some bushes. We were walking on roots and grass and each mistake could end in falling into the river! As you can imagine it got worse. The mosquitoes came back and they were literally everywhere. Everywhere means in ears, in nose, in eyes – they even tried to sit on our eyelids! We’ve never seen anything like that. We were walking and constantly trying to chase them away and to kill each one that decided to sit on us. Which made us probably look like fools.

The insects almost made us crazy, we had a feeling (and it wasn’t only a feeling) that they where everywhere and we couldn’t even stop to take a break – we were exhausted. We walked like that for 6,5 km, which took us two hours in those conditions. The mosquitoes let us off the hook only when we were very close to our second hut.

It was big and inside there was 16 places to sleep, but apart from us there was only three more people. Near the hut there was a tamed reindeer – a very big one with impressive horns. Unfortunately there was no river, only a lake and we had to draw water from it – the color wasn’t the best, so we had to boil it (and use a lot of solid fuel) before drinking.

We were so tired and it wasn’t even the road- it was our battle with those bloodsuckers. At the end of the road we didn’t talk anymore, all you could hear was clapping as our hands hit our bodies. Our supper gave us new strength – couscous with fish, dried vegetables and red lentils (and jelly dessert!), but we had to eat inside as it started to rain.

Can you believe that inside the hut there were mosquitoes too? We had no idea how, but they managed to sneak in. We jumped on our “bed” to kill as much as we could and Max decided to count his bites on one leg. 35 itching bubbles… An absolute record!

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