Where does the Great Wall of China ends?

The Great Wall of China is one of the new seven wonders of the world and one of the best known constructions on our planet. According to press reports it has more than 8800 km, which is 2,5 times more than the Poland’s circuit! But have you ever wondered where does The Wall ends?

Annually The Great Wall of China is visited by millions of tourists – Chinese and foreigners. Chairman Mao used to say: ” He who has not be to The Great Wall is not a true man”. The most common parts to visit are those near Beijing, but sometimes it’s better to go in a place where we won’t find any tourist – the end of the Wall.

The Great Wall ends in a place, where it meets The Yellow Sea. This part of the Wall is called Laolongtou, which means “The head of an old dragon”. It was build at the end of the XIV century during the reign of the Ming dynasty. In later years it was visited by many of Chinese emperors due to its charm. In XX century the fragment was renovated and today it looks truly beautiful. It is such a delight to walk on the beach and look at the very beginning of The Great Wall of China – a construction, which is several hundred years old and several thousand kilometers long.

This place is practically unknown to tourists and if you go there, you can feel like an attraction for the locals. If you are in Beijing it’s a good idea to visit that place. To set your foot on the end of The Great Wall it takes only couple of dollars!

To make such a tour from Beijing, you will have to first get on a train to Qinhuangdao (3 hours), then take a city bus to Laolongtou (40 minutes). Entrance fee costs 8$, if it’s the season (May to October) and 3$ off season. The entrance fee also includes a museum and temples near the Wall.

The costs of one day trip from Beijing:

1. The train – 2 x 7$
2. The bus – 2 x 0,5$
3. The entrance fee – 8$ or 3$

Everything all together costs 23$ in season or 18$ off the season. If you want to visit this place and need some tips – feel free to contact us!

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