Day X – Shower!

Day X – 7th July 2017 – Shower!

This is an article from “Finland 2017” – journey, which inspired us to buy Bus Lapidus.

Was the night really so cold? We don’t know. We were so tired that we slept the whole night without waking up even once. The morning sun woke us up and we knew immediately what that meant – after 48 hours the rain had finally stopped!

Our plan was that we would first go to the information centre, leave there our bags and go sightseeing. After that we wanted to go on a camping – hopefully one with a shower, as we haven’t seen any for six days, so imagine how much we needed it!

At the information we got a few maps and the lady working there told us how to get to the nearest two campings. They were very close, just 6 km from the the city centre. Just a thought of getting in a hot water made as crazy from happiness, but first – Kuusamo.

Kuusamo has a population of 20 thousand and there aren’t many tourist  attractions there. We walked a little bit in the city centre, visited some islands on the lake and decided that it was it. We went back to the tourist information to gather our staff and headed to the camping.

It took us 2 hours and it turned out that the camping was quite small.  A lady that was in charge there, didn’t know any language apart from Finnish, so she drew us a little house and wrote 30 euros and next to it a tent and wrote 15 euros. We pointed on a tent, paid and even got a receipt. The place was great! Just a couple of wooden houses scattered between a lake and a forest. It turned out we were the only travelers here.

In one of the buildings there was a bathroom. The water was great! Each one of us spent more than half an hour under the shower. There was also a kitchen available to everyone, so we washed our dishes  and decided to make a big washing, as the weather was good and we hoped that our clothes would quickly dry up. After couple of days in the wild we truly appreciate simple things as running water. Living without any civilization for 4 days is a very positive experience. We definitely recommend it to everyone!

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