About Lapidus

In July 2017 we decided, that we want to spend part of our life in a mobile home on wheels. We immediately rejected the idea of buying a camper – for a financial and aesthetic reasons. We started looking for a car, which we could convert into our small home by ourselves. It didn’t take us long to found a perfect vehicle. A 36 year old Volkswagen T3, ideal for converting into the mobile house of our dreams – with a raised roof! At the turn of September and Octorber we bought Bus Lapidus and that’s how that project had started.

Lapidus was made in Germany in 1981. It’s 15 years older than us. The last few years it spend in the polish seaside as an advertisment for a summertime.

From the very beginning we knew, that to make Lapidus a  comfortable camper car it will require us a lot of work, time and money. However the deal was worth it.

We started renovation from scratch. We bought a new accumulator, replaced various filters, plugs, clamps, regulators, fuses, bulbs, oil and some other stuff. We tested Lapidus during a few hundred kilometers trip and it did really well. Then we’ve let tinsmith do his job and after that we’ve put a car to the garage for the winter.

It is still a lot of work to do and a lot of money to spend. We are just waiting for a better weather and then we will start the next part of renovation. We want the car to be ready in May, so we can test it and start a real adventure in July. Until then we have to :

  • buy new tyres
  • soundproof Lapidus
  • put a floor
  • hang curtains
  • make furniture
  • buy a couch
  • decide what else we would like to have in our van
  • buy and make lot of other things that we don’t even know that they exist


More photos of Bus Lapidus you can see here!