Finland 2017

Taking part in World Wife Carrying Championship and  conquering the 82 km long Karhunkierros trail were the two main goals, that we wanted to achieve during our first journey from the Bus Lapidus project. It began at the end of June 2017 and inspired us to buy a Volkswagen Transporter T3.

The coverage of our  journey was divided into 16 pieces – we really couldn’t make it shorter!

The Beginning – Preparations
The Beginning – What is the World Wife Carrying Championship?

Day I – 1500 km North
Day II – Hitchhiking with Afghan family
Day III – The Lost Beach
Day IV – World Wife Carrying Championship
Day V – Crazy hitchhiking
Day VI – Ruka and Karhunkierros
Day VII – Mosquitoes,  mosquitoes, mosquitoes!
Day VIII – Rain and mosquitoes
Day IX – The end of Karhunkierros
Day X – Shower!
Day XI – A Finnish way to avoid speed camera
Day XII – Different tastes of Oulu
Day XIII – Going home

Summary of our budget