About us

Hi! We’re Max and Dominika – we’re 22 years old. We know each other since forever (which means childhood of course) and we’re planning to spend the rest of our lives together. What brought us together was our love for each other and for travelling. We’ve been doing a lot of projects – now it’s time for the most ambitious one!

We grew up in Bydgoszcz (a city in North Poland), where we met in kindergarten, went to the same schools, became friends in high school and fall in love when we chose two different cities for studying. From now on, we live in three cities: Poznan, Bydgoszcz and Gdansk. Trains became our second (actually forth) home. It may seem difficult, but it gave us an opportunity to realize, that the word „home” doesn’t mean the place you grew up in or that you live in, but the state when you are the most happy. When we’re together, we’re the happiest people in the world – it doesn’t matter where, but with who.
In July 2017, while we were hitchhiking in Finland, we met a couple from Germany, who lived in a camper. Our live has changed! We both realized, this is exactly what we want to do. Far from the city rush, close to the nature… To live by our own rules. We want our life to be an adventure, rather than a slavery in two different, 8- hour, dead-end jobs. We believe that we’re together for some reason and if we submit to this boring reality of everyday responsibilities – we can lose ourselves. We decided to live differently than everyone we know – our home will be on wheels and our garden will change, depending on where we park it.
Two months after that trip, we became owners of Volkswagen Transporter T3 from 1981. We are not going to put our dreams aside, just because we’re young, or we don’t have a fortune – we are going to achieve our goal! What is our goal? To live in happiness and true to our believes! As our motto says:
If you have dreams and possibilities to fulfill them – just go for it!